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26 Sep 2011

Watch out Facebook, Google Plus surging in popularity

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In just one week*, Google Plus has experienced a 1269 per cent jump in traffic making it the 3rd largest site and the 8th most visited site in Hitwise’s Social Network & Forums category.

On to local shores, Google increased Australian market share for Google Plus by more than 455 per cent compared to the previous week.
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02 Jun 2011

PR agencies are number 1 source for news stories

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Results of the fourth annual Digital Journalism Study conducted by the Oriella PR Network show that journalists turn to PR agencies as their number one source for news stories.

When asked where they turn to verify their stories, “use of social and digital media was lower, but nonetheless significant.” More specifically, a third of the journalists surveyed said they used Twitter, and a quarter used Facebook and blogs, to confirm validity of stories.
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29 Apr 2011

Vodafail The Musical

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We came across this article in The Age before the Easter break which talked about a viral YouTube clip inspired by Vodafone’s major network issues. At time of writing, the parody music video had clocked more than 110,000 views and significant chatter on social media streams.
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14 Apr 2011

Facebook Page updates: When is a good time?

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Thinking about posting the next update for your Facebook Page? Stop and have a read first.

According to Buddy Media’s newly released survey, the optimum time for brands to post updates are before work (7am), at the end of the working day (5pm), and last thing (11pm). How does this match up with your own Facebook habits?
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04 Mar 2011

How important is email marketing for Facebook Pages?

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In one word: Very.

According to Justin Levy, Senior Social Communications Manager at Citrix Online,
“A recent DDB Facebook Fan survey found the number one reason people become fans of a brand is because the brand directly invited them through their email program or on the website, or they saw an ad on Facebook.”
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