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05 May 2011

How well does Google know you?

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Quite well.

But here’s how you can get even better acquainted.

Every time you see an ad on a news site or blog, chances are it’s not being displayed at random. At times, Google will show you ads based on the current website that you’re viewing. At other times, Google uses information from your website visit patterns to decide which type of ad to display to which user.
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21 Apr 2011

Back from a digital conference, now what?

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So we’re back (and still buzzing) from a digital conference we attended last week. Yes, our favourite word. Digital.

Here are a few thoughts to ponder…

- Speaker Geoff Hyden, Vice President for the digital economy at Alcatel-Lucent, spoke about the power of faster networks, referencing our ability to now download a movie in less than a minute (experts anticipate with the right connection it will take only 30 seconds in 2012).
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14 Apr 2011

Facebook Page updates: When is a good time?

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Thinking about posting the next update for your Facebook Page? Stop and have a read first.

According to Buddy Media’s newly released survey, the optimum time for brands to post updates are before work (7am), at the end of the working day (5pm), and last thing (11pm). How does this match up with your own Facebook habits?
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07 Apr 2011

mCommerce: Get on or get left behind

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In a report released last week by online payment giant PayPal, retailers have been asked to “embrace mCommerce now or risk being left behind.”

According to PayPal Australia Managing Director, Frerk-Malte Feller in mCommerce: Secure Insight, “With the arrival of mCommerce we expect to see more change in the retail industry in the next three years than we have seen in the last decade.”
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18 Mar 2011

Best practice for email signatures

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Quite often we get caught up in the glitz and glam of the latest marketing strategies that we forget there is value in going back to the basics.

Having worked on a minor project for a client recently reminded us of this, in particular, the value of the good ol’ email signature.
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